Project Management

OPM is a specialist in project management. We act impartially and independently and our services cover a full life cycle approach, from construction to operations in the Energy Sector. Our specialized multi-disciplinary team who are recognized in the industry for their experience and competence can act on behalf of clients in the services of:

  • Project and Construction Management
  • EPCC
  • Construction Supervision
  • Technical Evaluation

Project and Construction Management

Our team of professional and experienced management personnel with relevant background in the field of offshore and onshore oil and gas and maritime industry. We work closely with clients to understand the requirements to provide integrated and complete solution services. We identify solutions and execute the projects in a cost effective, timely and safe manner. The integrated services provided by us and coupled with a pool of expertise especially in:

  • Drilling
  • Jack-Ups
  • Semi-Submersible
  • Semi-Tender
  • Fixed Platform
  • Pipe Lay Vessel
  • Mobile Gas Production Unit (MOPU)
  • Floating Production Storage Offloading (FPSO)
  • Refinery
  • Gas Terminal
  • Yachts
  • Luxury Cruise Liners
  • Marine Vessels

Our approach to project management:

  • Define project work scopes, compliance and expectations
  • Evaluation of tender and contract
  • Manage engineering design and review phase
  • Construction supervision and management of project expectations
  • Integration, testing and commissioning


OPM provides EPCC services for upgrade and modification. This integrated service enables our clients to reduce risk exposure and also provides a competitive edge in budgeting and delivery dateline.

Engineering: We have experienced and reputable business partners in Houston, Vietnam, Singapore, Holland and China. Our engineering services to our clients ranges from conceptual design to complete detailed design. We establish appropriate philosophy and strategy in our design to facilitate construction, procurement, safety in operation and maintenance friendly.

Procurement: Our efficient supply chain team navigates the entire process from transportation, factory acceptance test and inspection for quality assurance upon delivery. Our long-standing relationship with major suppliers allows us to assist our clients to obtain the most competitive pricing and assist in obtaining an after sales services. We will always support our clients in meeting their budget and on time delivery.

Construction and Commissioning: Our experienced management team consists of engineers, inspectors and commissioning personnel to ensure that the fabricators build, purchase and test to the contractual and operational expectations. Our extensive reach with different fabricators in the oil and gas market also enables us to recommend the best builders in different regions. We are able to conduct pre-selection process for the client to ensure planned delivery and budgets are not at risk.

Construction Supervision

Our management team monitors the project to ensure that it is carried out in accordance with the contract, the specifications, client’s expectations, Regulatory and Class requirements.

The team consists of key personnel with the necessary skills, certification and experience to ensure that the construction meets the schedule and budget. We ensure key project documentation is tracked and filed accordingly using international ISO throughout the duration of the construction phase.

Key project activities:

  • Drawing review
  • Development and implementation of project procedures
  • Review of machinery and equipment purchase orders and specifications
  • Development and implementation of project execution plans
  • Monitoring of work progress and testing activity
  • Attending and supervise major test and trial
  • Implement effective project management tools to control quality

Technical Evaluation

Our impartial and qualified assessors of multi-disciplines will review if the asset is built in compliance with technical specifications, standards, regulations and industry workmanship. In addition, we are able to advise if the product is fit for purpose.

Technical Due Diligence

We are able to assist investors and financial institutions to assess potential project risks prior to merger or acquisition. We allow the client to make a more effective decision with the ability to perform the following:

  • Site audit
  • Project schedule evaluation
  • Assessment of market demand for a specific vessel or type of vessels
  • Yard evaluation and inspection: Competence, capacity, experience, execution, etc.
  • Thorough full vessel inspection including hull and drilling/process equipment, cranes, etc.
  • Suitability survey, condition survey, assessment of vessel function
  • Lifetime extension budget evaluation
  • Identify delay risks and other project risks
  • Asset value determination

Technical Consultancy

Our team of technical experts of various trades and management levels allows us to represent our clients to make unbiased technical evaluations and surveys for the purpose of:

  • Arbitration
  • Operation condition
  • Technical acceptance and delivery condition

Lay Up Services

OPM determines the safest and most economical way to preserve drilling units that will minimize time and costs to prepare the units for quick delivery to our client.

We develop layup procedures that ensure the stacking of the unit or rig is accomplished properly and maintained for an appropriate reactivation timeframe whether in a shipyard, by the quay side or anchorage. Our experienced maintenance team will define the steps for stacking to allow for verification that all items have been addressed as planned and are continuously carried out throughout the time in layup. Proper documentation also ensures transfer of information for rig crew, personnel and management changes throughout the stacking period.

We will also determine the list of equipment that requires vendor support to ensure no items are missed from the maintenance and preservation list. We adhere to well recognized steps to draft and finalize procedures, guidelines, and checklists necessary to allow our client to carry on the effective preservation of the rigs for the expected timeline.

Talent Acquisition

For the smooth delivery of a project, it is critical for any organisation to clearly identify, on-board and manage a productive workforce. At OPM our ability to hire the right workforce quickly and efficiently for our clients, will help mitigate potential project delays and avoid unnecessary costs.Our highly-experienced teams identify experienced candidates according to our clients’ needs, regardless of the position type.

Contract Hire

OPM specialists, provide contract recruitment solutions to the energy sector. We work with some of the most sought after professional engineers in the world and will take responsibility for identifying and recruiting the specialist staff you require contracted out on a temporary or project basis.

Working in close consultation with our clients and candidates, we’ll find your ideal technical specialists, and our teams make sure that we’re adaptable in a constantly changing market.


The administration of payroll can be surprisingly challenging, both at home and overseas, with no two countries the same. OPM has the resources to manage in one or multiple jurisdictions, complying with local rules, regulations and documentation.

Global Mobility

Global mobility requirements may be as simple as securing a single visa, or may involve moving many workers to multiple countries with complex immigration regulations. Through our offices and network of experts, we can help mitigate risk through strict guidelines on compliance, security and assignment requirements that need to be considered to guarantee that personnel arrive safely and compliantly. We understand at OPM that the personnel’s welfare and clear orientation into any new territory is paramount to ensure they are as productive as possible, as quickly as possible.

We take care of every detail including arranging visas and work permits, mobilising the candidates, arranging accommodation and operating a fully compliant local payroll with payments in the local currency.

OPM can provide our assigned consultants with a range of benefits including travel insurance, pre-mobilisation medical, travel and accommodation booking assistance, emergency medical care and repatriation, visa and permit support, orientation, meet and greet, life and permanent disability assurance.