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Project Solutions to the Oil & Gas, Maritime and Processing Industries


OPM is an international workforce solutions provider and project management company within the oil and gas, maritime and processing industries.

The Company was founded by a team of professionals in the energy sector with more than 40 years of experience.

Our corporate hub is in Singapore and we are also supported by regional offices and partners in Shanghai, Rotterdam, Houston, Busan and Aberdeen. Our near market strategy enables us to satisfy the ever-increasing requirements in these industries.

Our quality of service to our clients is assured in every way by our team of dedicated and experienced professionals. We ensure our customers’ expectations and requirements are met.

Safety is of the utmost priority and this is why we continue to maintain and improve on our excellent safety track record.

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our services

Project Management
OPM is a specialist in project management. We act impartially and independently and our services cover a full life cycle approach, from construction to operations in the Energy Sector.
Talent Acquisition
For the smooth delivery of a project, it is critical for any organisation to clearly identify, on-board and manage a productive workforce. At OPM our ability to hire the right workforce quickly and efficiently for our clients, will help mitigate potential project delays and avoid unnecessary costs.
Technical Evaluation
Our impartial and qualified assessors of multi-disciplines will review if the asset is built in compliance with technical specifications, standards, regulations and industry workmanship. In addition, we are able to advise if the product is fit for purpose.
Global Mobility
Global mobility requirements may be as simple as securing a single visa, or may involve moving many workers to multiple countries with complex immigration regulations.